Recent Before & After Photos

Your carpets looking dirty and old? Get them cleaned!

These are before and after photos of the Mercedes Housing Authority in Mercedes, TX. Notice how dingy, dated, and dirty the carpets looked before our team swopp... READ MORE

Soot Removal of Items

SERVPRO of Harlingen and San Benito have highly trained production technicians, that can properly remove heavy soot from items such as these. We know that some ... READ MORE

Cleaning of Soot Covered Dresser

When people have a fire, they have the mindset that all my things are ruined and that all the sentimental value is gone with it too. Here at SERVPRO of Harlinge... READ MORE

Fungal Growth on Furniture

This time of year is peak season for fungal growth because of our proximity to the ocean and how hot it gets here in the summer. During the summer there is alwa... READ MORE

Fungal Growth near an A/C unit

There was some fungal growth happening around their A/C unit, this happens because when it is hot and humid there is moisture in the air, as soon as the unit ki... READ MORE

Our Technicians are Amazing

A homeowner was suffering from a pipe bursting in his home, and once our technicians got there they realized that they had to tear up the floor and dry it. The ... READ MORE

Ventilation Cleaning

Our technicians are great! When a business owner noticed that their air conditioner was not working as well as it used to, our production manager went out and n... READ MORE

Water Damaged Floor

When a homeowner discovered there was water on his floor, he quickly called SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito and we made it look "Like it never even happened." Our ... READ MORE

Fan Cleaning

Once a restaurant owner had heard about the services we offer, they had our amazing technicians clean their exhaust fan. Notice how much grime and gunk was on t... READ MORE

The Result of water Damage due to a Fire

This business had a fire that was extinguished by the local fire department. After the damage was assessed, it was discovered that one of the ceilings had been ... READ MORE