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We had never had an incident like the one we had but I guess there is always a first time and I hope it will be the last, but I just wanted to express  how this crew of employees Marcos, Ruben, Lonny and the project manager Abraham treated us. These guys knew what they had to do and got the job done very well. They always explained what was happening on a daily basis. They are very attentive & dedicated to the job. There were always on task. Abraham is such a polite, respectful and very responsible and knowledgeable on what he was doing. (They all were) but him being the leader he would take it upon himself to skip lunch & have his workers go eat while he & others would stay behind to finish the task for that particular time. We didn't know how all this would work or how it would all turn out at the end of the day but when I called you all it was the smartest thing I've done in such a scary situation. I never doubted that the work would not be done correctly.Their approach right away made us feel that things were going to be ok. They kept reassuring me it would be alright. They not only had to deal with my stress & panic even though it was not as bad as other people have had it (damage) but they were more than employees but kind of counselors especially Abraham the project leader always reassuring me it would be ok. There were times I just cried & he would explain what the next process was so as the days went by we were feeling a lot better. For a company to be successful you have to have good, honest,hardworking, & knowledgeable employees & with the crew you sent speaks volumes. If a company is successful then it shares with there employees with compensation, fairness & all that. They never called me by my name, always yes mam no mam. You don't find many employees like this. I really appreciate all their hard work, dedication & most importantly their compassion they had for us.

The entire crew was very helpful and I had confidence that they would do a good job.

Very professional in dealing with our situation. Would recommend to other customers.

Knows his job well.......very organized.

I am satisfied with the service(s) provided by the SERVPRO of Harlingen/ SanBenito. Very courteous, prompt, and I would recommend the team to my friends and family.