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Commercial Water Loss

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO Of Harlingen & San Bentio setting equipment in a Closet that had flooded out over the weekend. The customer's quick action to call us out eliminated the chance for more rooms to get damaged.Call us at (956)277-0645

Collapsed Ceiling?

Collapsed Ceiling?

Do you know who to call if your business has a  collapsed ceiling? SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito understands the stress that comes with water damages.Our team works around the clock, give us a call for any kind of water loss at (956)277-0645

Pipe Bursts in Local Store

SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito was on site to clean up a local retail store after a pipe had burst, and the floor became soaked with water. The manager of the store was happy that we could quickly clean up the store and they could get back to work.

Pipe Bursts in Local Restaurant

SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito was called to dry a local restaurant after a pipe had burst and caused the dining area to become soaked in water. The owners were very grateful to our technicians because they made it look like nothing ever happened. 

Local Funeral Home Experiences Fire/Water Damage

This is a picture of some of the wet drywall/insulation that had to be cleaned up by SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito. This is the result of a fire in a funeral home that was extinguished by a local fire department.

A Clean Kitchen

After a company called SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito to clean their industrial kitchen, they were amazed at how clean we made it look! We are available 24/7 to make everything look like nothing ever happened.