Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Do Your Ceiling Have Spots Like This?

If your ceiling has spots like these, you need to act fast! These brown circles come from a water leak and can be a source of fungal growth. Luckily the owner of this building called SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito and acted fast to prevent this from happening.

Water in the Walls

When water starts rising in a building, moisture will be absorbed by the walls and could cause fungal growth. In order to prevent that from happening, SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito had to remove a section of the wall and make it look "Like nothing ever happened.

Standing Water

When our technicians arrived on the scene of this apartment, they discovered that the flooring was very damp. In order to prevent fungal growth, SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito had to remove the flooring to dry the area.

Possible Fungal Growth

After water was found in the ceiling of this apartment, we at SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito had to clean up and make sure that we stopped the possibility of fungal growth.